Videoed by Nadia Lesy, edited by Beth Jucovy and Jon Jucovy

Morning Afternoon Evening produced by Emerging Artist’s Theatre
at TADA! NYC April 10, 2022

A journey following a river from its source in caves all the way to the mouth of the ocean over the course of a day

“The force that pulls us forth is Gravity, Desire, but Violence is the force that pushes us on”
I. Morning Dawn, Waterfalls, Wind
II. Afternoon Through Plains and Forests, Musings on Desire, Aftermath
III. Evening Transition into Evening, Reverie, Gravity, Violence, Desire, Interlude, Epiphany, Returning

This live performance was presented by Emerging Artists Theatre’s New Work Series. It is the full work in its latest version. First created as “Evening, the film” in 2019, it has transitioned through many various stages.

Actor: Tzena Nicole Dancers: Eric Acevedo, Louisa Cathcart, Ligia Gaissionok, Chiemi Ip, Beth Jucovy, Rebekah Mulkey, Olivia Parete, Michelle Tilghman Technical Director: Daisy Phillips Imagery: Beth Jucovy and Anthony Pepitone

For the poem excerpts used in this work, see

For the full poem by Kyra Jucovy “The Subject and Power ” see

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